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Dry + Dehydrated Kit 2 by The Pastels Shop

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Product Description:

Dry and dehydrated skin is a wake up call to add more moisture and hydration. Dehydrated skin usually make skin dulls, showing signs of skin aging, dark circles. Dry skin is a skin type where the skin complexion have scaly appearance, redness or irritation. In choosing face cleanser, it is important to have enough ingredients that will support hydration to dry dehydrated such as Panthenol in "JICAMA" Cleanser to against skin feels tight. Next, "HA" Serum on first basis skincare step helps to locks moisture after using face cleanser. The "JICAMA" Toner contains Hyaluronic Acid functions to add more hydration while exfoliating dull skin. "HOLO" Gel Cream is a good to heals and reduce scaly appearance of the dry skin. All of this will helps get your skin healthy and hydrates !

What's Included In This Kit:

  • "JICAMA" pH Balanced Gentle Gel Cleanser 140ml
  • "JICAMA" 2% Lactic Acid 1% Hyaluronic Acid Toner 140ml
  • "HA" 2% Hyaluronic Acid 5% Panthenol Serum 20ml
  • "HOLO" Barrier Repair Gel Cream with 0.2% Retinol 50ml


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